About Chris Mendoza

Art & Education

Christopher's artistic journey began at Arizona State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing. Building on his foundation, he furthered his knowledge and skills with a Masters in Biomedical Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago. This unique blend of artistic prowess and understanding of the human form allows Christopher to create illustrations that are not only visually stunning but also anatomically accurate.

Collaboration is at the heart of Christopher's creative process. Working closely with clients and marketing teams, he takes abstract concepts and transforms them into captivating designs that resonate deeply. Whether it's a traditional drawing or a digital masterpiece, Christopher's diverse portfolio showcases his ability to adapt to different styles and mediums, capturing the essence of each project.

Chris Mendoza Art is proud to offer a range of services, from commissioned artwork and book illustrations to medical illustrations and concept designs. Whether you're an author in search of a captivating book cover or a business in need of eye-catching visuals for your marketing campaigns, Christopher's artistic talents are at your disposal.

Step into a world where imagination meets skill, where creativity knows no bounds. Explore Christopher Mendoza's portfolio and discover the power of illustrations that engage, inspire, and evoke emotions. Contact Christopher today to discuss how he can bring your ideas to life through the mesmerizing art of illustration.

Professional Medical Illustrator & Game Artist

At Chris Mendoza Art, we believe in the transformative power of medical illustration for education and enlightenment. Christopher Mendoza, with his meticulous research and comprehensive understanding of anatomy, brings complex medical concepts to life through visually engaging illustrations. His dedication to accuracy ensures that his illustrations serve as educational resources, bridging the gap between technical knowledge and visual understanding.

From illustrating anatomical structures to medical procedures and disease processes, Christopher's work creates an immersive learning experience that fosters curiosity and deepens knowledge. Explore Chris' portfolio to discover captivating visuals that bring the wonders of the human body to life.

In addition to his expertise in medical illustration, Christopher is a skilled social and mobile game artist who recognizes the unique ability of games to entertain, engage, and educate. Through his artistic talents, he creates visually stunning and immersive game environments, characters, and animations that enhance the overall gaming experience.

From designing vibrant game worlds to crafting compelling character designs, Christopher brings his artistic expertise to every aspect of game development. He understands the importance of visual storytelling and strives to create visuals that evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression on players.

With his skills as a social and mobile game artist, Christopher pushes the boundaries of creativity and technology in the gaming industry. He is committed to delivering visually stunning and engaging experiences that captivate players and leave them wanting more.

Explore Chris' portfolio to witness the captivating artwork he has created for both medical illustration and social/mobile games. Join us on an exciting journey where art and gaming converge to create unforgettable experiences.